Video Scripts

I have separated video scripts from copywriting for an important reason: While you can be a copywriter, not everyone who writes copy can write a great video script.


No, it's not rocket science but it takes a particular skill that isn't usually included in training to be a copywriter. I say usually because more and more businesses are including video in their marketing efforts so it's something copywriters need to know.


The majority of my scripts have been for explainers and apps. An explainer video is exactly how it sounds. It explains the services you offer or goes through the motions of a piece of software.


Here's a great example: Not long ago, I moved to a different state and into a rental. The first day there I wanted to take a shower. I go into the bathroom, start the water and look for the shower diverter -- that piece of metal that sends the water from the tub faucet up to the shower head.


It's usually on top of the faucet. Not this time! An explainer video on YouTube showed me that the type of Delta faucet I had placed the diverter under the spout. Have I enjoyed watching others search for it and then have to ask? 


No. Not me ... :-)



I've tucked a few scripts for your viewing pleasure in the samples page. Some are in screenplay format and others are in table format. All of them have been either motion graphics or animation because live action is expensive to produce.