I didn't coin the phrase in the title but it's something I've started to focus on more and more. As marketers and advertisers we tend to be lasered in on objective measurements like KPI and ROI.

Important, to be sure, but not everything.

The relationships I have with clients and, when I write copy for them, their relationships with their customers is at the head of the line.

What's ROR?

Return on relationship.

It's kind of like the old adage you heard in camp when you were a kid ... well, at least I did from the wonderful Mr. Rod Jameson ... you get out of camp what you put into it.

You get out of your relationships what you put into them.

This doesn't mean you must be all consumed in your customers' lives. But don't be afraid to ask how they are and mean it.

Return on relationship means you must be ready to be vulnerable. I've gotten further when I've admitted that I made a mistake and would like to start over than trying to cover something up or point fingers back at someone.

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