The power of a well-told story is in its longevity and value. You want evergreen and priceless.


And what makes your story stand out like wearing red in a sea of grey pinstripe are the details only you and your company can bring. You may think that a story doesn't fit your brand but every brand has a story to tell.

A great example is one of my favorite TV ad campaigns of all time: Subaru. This campaign is the one with the Golden retriever family. Dad is driving, Mom in the passenger seat, a teenaged dog in back and the baby in a car seat. All behaving just like human families. The reason that campaign works so well is because of the dogs. Viewers remember Subaru and dogs, Subaru and dogs and how well that car would fit their family life.

But it's the stories that are told by those dogs that make the ads. Mom at a beauty parlor coming out with a bad cut. Dad ogling a standard poodle as she walks across the street. And Dad driving the baby around to get him or her to fall asleep.

They are the stories of our lives. The brand isn't the story. The story is the brand.

The power of a good story that's woven into your sales copy and the emotions it stirs is the real hidden treasure.

Here are some samples for you to review broken down into their categories. Some of them are oldies but goodies, others are more recent.