About Victoria

I’m Victoria Rosendahl, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of The Rosendahl Method.


We help small-medium businesses knit their unique story together with their sales messages to attract better, more well-targeted leads every month. And I do that thanks to my 50 years’ experience as a professional storyteller plus over a decade of writing advertising copy both online and off.


You see, yesterday’s sales methods don’t work because you’re trying to use 1960s Madmen-like practices in a tech savvy world. Don’t use a rotary phone when you have the advantage of a smart phone.


Every piece of advertising [especially video] – whether it’s a business intro or explainer – must have story at its core.




Because when you put story first, you can’t fail. The relationships you form with story will last a lifetime.

My writing experience includes …


  • Long and short form web copy

  • Video scripts

  • Sales and landing pages

  • Magalogs

  • Direct mail

  • Flyers and brochures

  • Radio scripts

  • Blog posts and articles

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